Memory Pendant Keepsake Jewelry Bethlehem Olivewood #606


Memory pendant. Carry a memento of a loved one close to your heart. Chain not included.  Wearing a funeral jewel is a personal and simple way to commemorate a loved one or his pet. After the loss and cremation of a loved one, you may feel a great need to have it near you or placed at a place that the person particularly liked. This reliquary can contain a pinch of ash, perfume, and a lock of hair or even a small piece of fabric.This pendant is turned from Bethlehem Olive Wood from the Holy city. This biblical wood is from trees that have been bearing fruit in the nativity town of Bethlehem since the time of Jesus. Bethlehem olive wood is a local raw material from which mainly religious, historical, and artistic articles are made, using the prunes of young olive trees , and the sprouts from the trunks of the old, unproductive trees an essential process for a healthier growth for the trees and to generate environmental stability. No Tree was damaged or destroyed in the process of harvesting the wood.



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